Gifts For Furry Pals

Have you ever wondered what’s on your furry friend’s wish list? Well, we did some sniffing around and this is what we dug up…


I have been good…really good! Barking at the neighbours doesn’t count and I’m sure chasing the cat that lives across the street isn’t that bad.

I promise to be extra good and sit pretty if you scratch the following items off of my gift list:

  • You know how much I love basking in the lap of luxury, also known as laying in my master’s lap every chance I can get. I know this can be difficult at times, so I found the most woof-tastic substitution for a lap! The Best Selling Home Décor Doggerville Oval Cushy Dog Sofa which is available at Lowes. I can’t wait to lay my bones on here.
  • Did someone say food?? I thought I heard someone say food…!! I enjoy meal time. To make it even better, add more kibble to my bowl and gift me a dish that doesn’t slide around. I prefer chasing squirrels, not my food bowl. At you can find feeding bowls that do the trick. A silicone base helps make them staaaay…staaay…stay!
  • Don’t forget this one! I’m an explorer at heart. Sometimes I get sidetracked and I tend to wander away from my backyard. Keeping track of me can be made easier with the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device which can be found at Best Buy. It sounds an alert on my master’s smartphone when my nose sniffs outside of my designated sniffing zone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I am the Queen of Hearts in my household and I enjoy being treated like royalty. I love living the high life, on my own terms and with my human ready to tend to my every cat call.


In an effort to help them live up to my expectations, here is my wish list:

Please note, there will be bonus of catnip just for you once these gifts arrive at my castle.

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