Furniture That Fits Any Space

With living spaces not getting any larger we’re always searching for furniture pieces that work in more than one way. That’s why we’re super pumped about this furnishing that fits in any sized space. We partnered with our friends at Small Space Plus.

This dining table is super sleek, and perfect for a small space. It looks small and innocent most of the time, but on those occasions when you are entertaining for a large group this foyer easily turns into a table to fit a lot of people! Watch the video below to see it transform!

Everyone loves a cozy sofabed, but this one packs a single bed too! Any friends that might want to stay over now have a bed to themselves.

This trendy console table is more than just chic. Flip out its sides and you have a perfectly fine dining table.

We love this loveseat because it gives you a double bed and storage underneath the seat! Cozy comfort during the day, turns into a pleasant night’s sleep!

This trendy coffee table is bound to impress when it pops into action. It transforms into a dining table so you don’t need a dining room anymore! There is additional storage too, and who doesn’t love extra storage?


This sectional is perfect for any small space. It comes apart in two pieces which makes it an easy move from place to place and fits easily in narrow entryways such as basements. There’s also additional storage for anything from decor cushions to bedding for the large double bed it turns into.

This sleep chest is hiding a bed! This updated wall bed looks much nicer in a room when it’s not being used. It also comes with the 6″ memory foam mattress found in the video as an added bonus.

All photos of furniture were provided by Small Space Plus.

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