Easiest DIY Ornaments for the Holidays

Want to decorate your home with things you made? We knew you always could especially with an easy DIY like this! We were thrilled to work with Fiona DeBell on this project. Fiona is a whiz at coming up with the easiest DIY’s to make, create, and decorate with.

Now it’s time to show you just how easy this is!

What You Need:

  • 3 primary colour acrylic paints (we got ours at Micheals)
  • 1 gold acrylic paint (got this at the dollar store)
  • 5 clear Christmas tree bobbles (these can be plastic or glass, you can find these at Micheals)
  • Styrofoam plate
  • Paint brush
  • Old gift card or credit card

1. Using your plate make a brown by mixing yellow and red to make orange. Add a small amount of blue to the orange. Add a touch more blue if it is still orange looking. This brown will be used to make branches on the bobbles.
2. Either use the red, or add a little of yellow to the red to make a vibrant orange/red colour for the berries.
3. Using your used gift card or credit card dip the lone edge into the brown paint. Gently roll the card onto the bobble to create branches. Repeat until full bobble is covered, or filled to your satisfaction.
4. Using the vibrant red/orange paint dip the bottom of your paint brush into the paint and gently add berries to the ends of the branches.

5. Let this dry. (Speed up the process by using a hair dryer)
6. Once dried you can either leave it be, or add an inside filler! We did some clear, and some with a pearly white filling. To do this, add a small amount of paint to the bobble and roll the paint around until the bobble is fully coated. Let dry, and hang in desired locations around your home or on the tree!

Other options: You can do a base coat before adding the branches and berries, we really loved the gold dollarstore paint for this! All you have to do is using a small piece of paper towel, get some paint on the paper towel and gently dab it onto the bobble until coated. You may have to do two coats before adding the branches & berries.

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