Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Your Deck?

If you love lounging and entertaining on your wooden deck but hate the maintenance and effort it takes to keep it looking good, here are some tips for keeping your deck in tip-top shape.  

Be Realistic 

Begin by being realistic about a wooden deck finishing strategy. That rich, deep furniture-grade deck finish looks great, but you may need to strip it back to bare wood and refinish every two or three years. 

Minimal Work?

Consider an oil finish renewed each year. No stripping, just reapplication. Not as fancy as a high-end stain, but definitely easier to live with. Another option is a one-time deck finish, which darkens your deck evenly over several weeks after application to create an even, weathered appearance.

Wood Alternatives

If you want a refined look with no finishing obligations at all, consider synthetics. These are made of reclaimed wood and plastic, melded together to make a finish-free lumber substitute. All you need to do is keep them clean. These days you can even get all-plastic lumber alternatives. Composites and plastics aren’t yet rigid enough to replace the structural part of a deck, but they do a great job on the walking surface. Even an existing deck can have the wood stripped off the top and replaced with composites. 

Need a deck guru? Make sure to hire a pro who provides you with a detailed contract and warranty protection on the work they do. Hiring a cash-only contractor can leave you out in the rain if anything goes wrong. 

Sound like a lot of work? Hire a professional contractor to do the job for you. Click here to find a renovator in your area, anywhere in Canada! 

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