DIY: Metallic Mini Mason Jars

One thing I love to do is to think of new and interesting ways to decorate for the holidays. I wanted to achieve something simple, sparkly and low mess. Enter Fiona from Fusion Mineral Paints who thought up these cute mini-mason jars – aren’t they just adorable?


You can get these in lots of places, you don’t need to stick with the mini ones. The technique we learned and are about to share with you can be used on any glass jar with a lid, of any size. You can choose your preferred paint colour too. Keeping it festive we went with three of these metallics from Fusion Mineral Paint.

This is truly one of the simplest and most effective crafts we have ever done.

You will need:

  • Clean, dry mason jars (we used these cute mini-jars with ‘love’ written on the side).
  • Paint. We used Fusion Mineral Paint in the Metallics – Bronze, Brushed Steel and Pearl.

  • Twine to hang.



1. Take the lid off your jar. Pour in paint. Don’t worry if you add too much or too little – you can pour it out later or always add more. Replace the lid.

2. Shake. Yes, do a little happy dance and shake that paint all around. Make sure the lid is on tight before you start!


3. Make sure the inside of the jar is completely covered with paint. Remove the lid and pour out any excess. If you didn’t add enough paint, now is the time for a top up and repeat step 2 and 3.

4. Discard the lid (unless you want to keep it!), and allow the paint to air dry. You can of course use the jars to look at whilst the paint is still wet – just don’t put anything inside!

5. We added a little twine for decor as we wanted to hang the jars from a branch, but you could add your own touches. If you look closely in the image at the top of the final result you will see some larger versions in the background!


Have fun – and remember to show us your pictures!

Fusion Mineral Paint would love to see any decor you create using their paint – you can find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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