DIY Tool Basics: Tape Measure

Some of the most basic intellect goes out the window when doing a home renovation on your own. ‘Eye-balling’ it doesn’t always pan out as planned and suddenly the dishwasher doesn’t fit in the designated spot in the kitchen. Before starting any sort of renovation grab your tape measure and get measuring!

You can use this as a resource to discover unknown facts about the tape measure. If you’re looking for a project to try out new measuring skills, try our coat & shoe rack DIY found here.

Find out the anatomy of a tape measure. Learn how to use a tape measure.

Getting started, some quick tips for using a tape measure. Find out some fun facts about a tape measure too!

Find a few of the sources that were used when creating this blog post.

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One thought on “DIY Tool Basics: Tape Measure

  1. Measuring twice is a good idea … and many people make the same mistake the second time as they did on the first measure.
    To reduce this duplication of error … make the second measurement different: at the very least, reverse the tape and measure in the opposite direction!!

    For measurements that do not have an edge to hold the tape, such as between two points on a panel, measure from the 1 or 2 cm or 1 inch mark, holding the tape with a finger (etc), and adjust the result. Do remember to deduct the initial offset, though. It is more accurate to measure from a mark a bit in from the end of the tape (the hook) than from the end itself in instances like this.

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