Damon Bennett’s Top Tips For Protecting Your Home

Damon Bennett’s top tips to protecting your biggest investment – your home!

When I was young, I had a fascination with restoration. All of my family were involved in construction. I was lucky enough to turn my passion into a full-fledged career of making people’s renovation dreams come true.
From complex bathroom installs to luxury kitchen design, I’ve done it all. One piece of advice I’d like to give with both new and seasoned homeowners is to ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your investment. What do I mean by that? Oftentimes, homeowners are only focused on the aesthetic of their home, so unfortunately, they ignore the important elements that keep a home running. I started working with Enercare because I want to be able to provide tips on protecting your home by being proactive, and using Smarter Home products designed to provide peace of mind.

Your Guide To Creating A Truly Smart Home

Different from other smart home products on the market, Enercare’s Smarter Home moves beyond simply notifying homeowners of issues. It sends automated solutions within the app and provides access to responsive technicians and plumbers to fix the issue before it becomes a major concern. Everything from your home’s HVAC equipment to water heater and thermostat are covered so you can rest easy.
Still not convinced? Here are some added benefits:

Enercare’s Smarter Home products work to save on energy, which is not only good for the environment but it also means more money in your pocket. Products such as the Smarter Home Hub, monitor your HVAC appliances for efficiency, ensuring your equipment is running smoothly.

Problems can occur in a matter of moments but sometimes we miss the warning signs, simply because we might not know what to look for. Whether you’re away on vacation or out at work, Enercare’s Smarter Home products alert homeowners of potential issues before they become serious problems. For example, The Water Leak Sensor sends an alert to the app if it recognizes moisture as small as a single drop of water. The app will then ask the homeowner if they would like a technician sent to the house to address the problem.

One of my favourite parts about the Smarter Home technology? It makes everyday tasks easier. For example, you can automate your home based on your location. Simply set your home location so that certain actions take place when you leave that area. If you leave your home without locking your front door, you can set your mobile app to notify you, enabling you to lock the door from wherever you are. You can even program your lights to turn on when you re-enter your neighbourhood, making sure you don’t have to fumble into a dark house at night.

Want to learn more? On Saturday, March 16th, 2019, at 1:00 pm. I will be speaking at the National Home Show and answering all of your Smarter Home and prevention questions. See you there!

Damon BennettFor Damon Bennett, construction is a way of life. A trusted expert and television staple for over a decade, Damon has earned the respect of industry heavy weights and the admiration of fans worldwide.
A childhood fascination with restoration turned into a full-fledged career of making people’s dreams come true. Damon’s solid workmanship, along with a reputation for being a stand up guy with a big heart, landed him a job working on the top show on HGTV. He quickly climbed the ranks and became the Crew Supervisor. For nearly ten years he was an integral key to the team and the success of the shows. These days Damon lends his expertise to homeowners and DIY’ers across North America with instructional keynote presentations, Q&A sessions and videos. He also runs a very busy construction company building and renovating homes across North America.
Damon specializes in carpentry, structural reinforcement and construction coordination. He is not simply a mentor to his crews, but rather the first to jump in, swing the hammer, and get his hands dirty. When not working on a job-site, Damon can usually be found with the many animals that he has rescued or with his charity work with various Veteran’s groups. His current project: renovating the Trenton Airforce base pub.

Twitter: @DamonBennett_
Instagram: @officialdamonbennett
Website: www.damonbennett.ca

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