Create Your Own Folding Work Bench

There’s never enough of it…space! That’s especially true in a workshop area. To help solve your space issues, we asked our friend and woodworker Mark Rason of Remarkable Woodworks to help us out. He designed this folding work bench that opens up easily when you need it and then folds away so it’s not in the way.

Mark Rason of Remarkable Woodworks

Shopping List

Material                                Length                             Quantity                            Purpose
2”x4” Lumber                            8’                                             10                               Frame & Legs
¾” Plywood                               8’                                              2                                         Top
Wood Screws                         2 ½”                                   1 Box (100)                            Joinery
Farm Hinge                               5”                                              6                                    Mobility
Bolt Hinge                                 4”                                              1                                Lock/ Security

Recommended Tools

Drill/ Impact Driver
Pocket hole/ Kreg Jig Kit
24” Clamps
Circular/ Mitre saw
Carpenters/ Speed Square
Stud finder
Safety glasses
Measuring tape
And, Band-Aids – just in case!


The height of the legs will be different for each leg to accommodate for
the slope in the floor. Level and mount the “D 1” boards into a stud(s) with (2) 2
½” screws (2 per stud). Once mounted, use a level off the top board and measure
the distance to the floor for each leg.

How To

1. Identify a comfortable height for your ideal workbench.

a. Tip: 32” is usually a good working height.

2. Mark the studs in the area that the bench will be installed in.
3. Mark the height of the bench on the wall. Level/ install (2) 2”x 4” support boards
on top of one another. Ensure the height of the top board is inline with the
height of the bench (marked on the wall). Use two 3” screws into each stud to
attach these boards to the wall.
4. Using the image above as a reference, assemble the frame and attach the
worktop to the frame with counter-sink screws. Install the female end of the bolt
hinge to the center of the worktops front end.

a. The female end of the bolt hinge should be on the bottom of the worktop
in between the frame and the front edge of the worktop.

5. Install the male end of the bolt hinge to a 5” scrap 2”x4” board.

a. Tip: this will be installed vertically on the wall. You want the bolt to slide
past a cut off end.

6. Place the worktop on the 2” x 4” support board so the back of the table top is on
the top of the support board and the frame is facing outward. Slide the male end
of the bolt hinge into the female end and screw the scrap 2”x4” piece into stud.

a. Tip: this should hold the worktop in place while you attach the hinges.

Mark Rason and his Folding Work Bench
7. Attach hinges to the back, bottom of the worktop.

a. Tip: these hinges should be on inside the leg spaces. They will allow for
the bench to fold up into the wall.

8. Unfold the bench by unlocking the bolt hinge. And hold bench in a level position
to measure the height of the legs.

a. Tip: It helps to have someone help with this part.

9. Attach more hinges to the tops of the leg. Place each leg into the leg slot of the
frame and attach the hinge to the worktop.

a. The hinges should be on the back of the leg so they are hidden.

b. This will allow the legs to open from the wall.

10. Measure and attach a support into each leg to ensure the legs will open and
close together.

That’s it! Now you are ready to get started! I’d wish you luck, but you won’t need any!
For any additional questions or concerns, feel free to email me, anytime, at Or, you can reach out to me on social media:
@remarkableworks. Don’t forget to share your finished projects with us, online, by
tagging @homeshowsto on social media. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
-Mark Rason

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