Colour Theory with Frankie Flowers

Having some difficulty planning your garden this year? It might be time to take a step back and see how colour theory can help. The way colours work together, also known as colour theory, can make a difference not only in your garden but, in your home decor as well. We turned to well known gardening expert, author and TV personality Frank Ferragine, AKA Frankie Flowers, for some insight into colour theory.

Designing with Colour!

When it comes to great landscapes colour is key! Knowing the basics of colour theory can help you indoors or out. Here are just three colour design terms to make you a savvy outdoor designer.


Complementary hues are opposite each other on the colour wheel. They “go together”- for example, yellow and purple; or blue and red


Polychromatic design uses several, often unrelated, colours in the same space. A good example is the traditional English garden, which is meant to reflect a natural landscape.



Monochromatic gardens use several different shades, tints and hues of just one colour in the same space – for example, soft pink, cherry pink and hot pink flowers in a single bed. I feel monochromatic spaces offer the most impact for your buck. Plus, they’re foolproof because all of shades are guaranteed to go together.


On-trend Monochromatic

For a very on-trend monochromatic look, try painting your old plant pots a punchy shade of blue. Whether your plants are flowering or just green foliage, the all-blue pots will tie the space together.

As a gardener you are an artist, instead of paint you have plants and instead of a brush you have a shovel, now it’s up to you to create your masterpiece!!

Frankie Flowers

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