Between The Joists – Up Close and Personal with the Baeumlers

All is Fair in Love and Construction: An interview with Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

With his witty humor and passion for teaching, Bryan Baeumler has been educating and entertaining viewers worldwide for the past decade. Bryan has filmed over 300 television episodes including the hit HGTV and DIY Network services Leave it Bryan (currently on its 5th season), Disaster DIY, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, and House of Bryan.

While Bryan has been entertaining viewers worldwide for over ten years on HGTV and DIY Network, Sarah Baeumler has been dealing with the spotlight in a very different way. Sarah owned and operated her own business (classical dance studio) in their hometown of Oakville, Ontario. After many years in business three hit television shows, a husband’s career that was exploding, four small children at home, Sarah decided to trade in her dancing shoes to help Bryan run their expanding businesses.

As if that’s not enough on their plate, in 2012, Bryan and Sarah launched Baeumler Family Foundation. A charitable foundation that provides renovations to families in need of safety, accessibility and security.

With their busy schedule, Bryan and Sarah took some time with Tina Holmes (T), show manager of the Toronto Fall Home Show to give us an exclusive sneak peek between the joists; up close and personal with the Baeumlers.


T: What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Sarah: Master Bedroom – it’s like a hotel suite, so comfortable and a great escape!

Bryan: I don’t really have a favourite room…I like them all for different reasons. Maybe my barn if I had to choose…it’s a pretty awesome doghouse.

Bryan and Sarah's New Master Bedroom
Bryan and Sarah’s New Master Bedroom

T: What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without? 

Sarah: My LaCanche range. It’s my (almost) midlife crisis splurge, and we have 4 kids and a lot of Family to feed so it gets a lot of use.

Image source: Pinterest House of Bryan: in the sticks (HGTV)
Image source: Pinterest House of Bryan: in the sticks (HGTV)

Bryan: Our ensuite shower. It’s about 110 square feet with an 8’ heated bench, Kohler digital controls, body sprays, steam unit, aromatherapy, Chroma therapy lights and speakers. It’s a tough place to leave in the morning!!


T: What advice have you got for aspiring new couples taking on a renovation? 

Sarah / Bryan: Set the budget, and set aside 25-30% for contingencies, upgrades, changes etc. Decide which rooms / projects each partner gets total control of, and where you’ll battle it out. Take a night or two off each week to go out together and don’t talk about the project at all – you both need a break. Finally, keep your eye on the prize and have fun!


T: What is your reno pet peeve?  

Sarah: Being told I can’t make changes at the last minute.

Bryan: A messy site drives me crazy. Also, last minute changes. I hate going backwards.


T: Most memorable career moment to date?

Sarah: Completing our first full house renovation with the Baeumler Family Foundation. We completely rebuilt a house that had been taken over by mold for a Family with 3 kids. So rewarding.

Bryan: Getting a Gemini award for best Host in a Lifestyle or Practical Information Series was pretty cool.


T: Any embarrassing on-the-job moments you’d like to share?  

Sarah: Nope!

Bryan: I don’t get embarrassed very easily.


T: What are your personal mantras?

Sarah: Get over it!

Bryan: Work hard, play harder.


T: What is your #1 tip for those managing a marriage, family and business?

Sarah / Bryan: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be nice to each other and love your kids. Get a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life!


 T: What famous figures inspire you?

Sarah: My Husband ;)

Bryan: My Wife…of course.


T: Where do you get your inspiration?

Sarah: Mostly from our kids!

Bryan: Everywhere! I’m always looking around, making notes, and learning new things.


T: What are three things nobody knows about you, but you wish they did?

Sarah: I make the best Yorkshire pudding. I bait my own hooks when we go fishing. My great Grandfather, Thomas Crapper, invented the flushing toilet.

Bryan: I’m pretty much an open book. Except for the private chapters.


T: What is your favourite app on your smartphone?

Sarah: The Outnet. I love shopping way too much.

Bryan: Sonos. It gets the party started.


T: What’s your next big thing?

Sarah / Bryan: We’re starting a new show in 2016 called Bryan Inc. – you’ll see more of us in action, and learn more about our construction / development business, Family and lives in general. We’re also expanding our business into some new and exciting things – you’ll have to stick around to find out! ;)

I’m looking forward to the new series and more amazing renovations and rooms with such style. And my favourite as @tinalovespinot the Wine Room featured in House of Bryan in the Sticks

Image source: Pinterest House of Bryan: in the sticks (HGTV)
Image source: Pinterest House of Bryan: in the sticks (HGTV)

You can follow along and keep updated with Bryan and Sarah on Twitter & Instagram @bryanbaeumler @sarahbaeumler

Don’t miss Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Presented by Toronto Star, October 3rd LIVE at the Toronto Fall Home Show

All is Fair in Love and Construction: Bryan and Sarah will provide some helpful humorous antidotes from working with your spouse, setting out the battle lines and rules of engagement, to successfully managing a marriage, family and business.

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