Barbara Nyke: Top 5 tips to Live better and Feel better

Barbara Nyke provided so much useful information at the GTA Home & Reno Show. She made a lot of really great points about being yourself and making sure you decorated your home for yourself, not for someone else or because you think you need to follow a trend. Here’s what I learned from Barbara at the Show.

  1. Sustainable (cost benefit)
    In 2015, add;
    – Interesting colours – bold, rich, saturated tones.
    Texture – 3D illusion: depth and touch.
  2. What’s your style?
    You have a style! You can have a “mis-fit”.Each item has a story, a history. Let that become part of your story. Everything from décor, to wall colour, it can all tell a story, your story. Wallpaper is exciting! With so many various colours and textures, it can add a dimension and visual interest to a room. Why not try wallpapering your ceiling? With wallpaper now being so easy to apply and remove, the possibilities are endless
  3. Designing healthy spaces.
    Make sure you are choosing pieces that add to the environment of your space, look for pieces that have HRV and reduce VOC’s. There are many furniture options that offer eco-certifications.
  4. Universal/design
    Environments that are fully useable by every individual, without any restrictions. Make sure your spaces are functional and offer aesthetic benefits.Examples:
    – Light switches at 38” above finished floor vs 52” above finished floor.
    – Curb less showers, so anyone can get in and out of it.
    – Use lever handles, some people have a hard time turning handles
    – Right Height Toilets
    – Replace an unused bathtub with a walk-in shower
  5. Plan your renovation with a team
    Make sure you meet with a designer and contractor. They do not preform the same jobs; they both offer very specific information.

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