The Property Brothers

An Interview With the Property Brothers

We found true love, Jonathan and Drew Scott.  You may know them as the handsome twins from the hit TV Shows Property Brothers, Buying & Selling and Brother vs. Brother. We caught up with celebrity twins Johnathan and Drew Scott, hosts of Property Brothers to see what they had to say in our exclusive interview.

We hope you’ll fall in love with them too seeing them at the GTA Home and Reno Show (Feb 13-16 at the International Centre, Mississauga). Jonathan and Drew will be appearing live in Toronto at the GTA Home and Reno Show, February 14th at 1 pm.  But before you choose them as your Valentine and see them at the show, Tina’s got the inside scoop and more.

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Drew: You’re likely to find me in on the basketball court or game room, which is equipped with a pool table, classic arcade machine and stocked with stacks of board games. It’s a great place to hang out and chat while I flex my competitive spirit. It’s also a nice area for me and my dad to strum some songs on the guitar. (The Vegas-style sign that reads ‘Lucky’ was commissioned just for him – it was my dad’s nickname back in his cowboy days!

Jonathan: If you catch me in our new ‘Property Brothers at Home’ series, you’ll know that I can’t live without my very own backyard amusement park – I love outdoor spaces and the one we have in Vegas is perfect for entertaining. With a commercial-grade water slide, swim up bar, grill and dining area, infinity edge pool and movie screen, it’s surprising we get any work done around here!

What is one item in your home you couldn’t live without? 

In sentimental terms, we treasure the guesthouse coffee table that we handcrafted for our parents. It incorporates brands from ranches in western Canada that our father worked on. It’s definitely a future family heirloom.

Other than that, we can’t live without the Crestron app which allows us to control all aspects of the home directly from our mobile devices, from the heat and A/C, to what music is playing in the living room, to the pool temperature- it’s all literally at our fingertips.

 What advice have you got for aspiring new couples taking on a renovation? 

Don’t take on too much too soon! Take a hard look at your home and decide what changes would make the biggest difference—then look at comparable homes in your neighbourhood to confirm that the improvements you want to make will pay off in resale value. Interview several contractors (ask friends and neighbours for recommendations) to get a range of prices and timelines—and talk to past clients about their work. A good contractor can help you make the most of your budget and your existing structure. For example, by modifying the floor plan, perhaps opening up or combining rooms to improve the flow, you could stay within the current footprint and avoid an expensive addition.

What is your design/decor pet peeve? 

Rooms that have too much stuff in them can feel cramped and jumbled. Remove one or two pieces of furniture, replace bulky items with multipurpose pieces (an ottoman that doubles as storage), declutter tabletops and shelves, and give your walls some breathing space. We make clients do this to stage their home for sale and they always say, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Most memorable career moment to date?

When the first season of Brother vs. Brother was a hit out of the gate, it was especially exciting because that meant we had a third top-rated show [along with Property Brothers and Buying and Selling], all of which are showing in dozens of foreign countries. That success allows us to pursue new projects and develop other shows. We are so happy that our fans can take away valuable information and have fun while learning something new.

Any embarrassing on-the-job moments you’d like to share? 

We share most of them on screen or on our social media pages! We don’t have to fabricate glitches—every renovation has them, so our shows always have unpredictable problems and setbacks.

What are your personal mantras?

We believe strongly in being honest with everyone and delivering what we promise. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously. Humor relieves stress and makes our work fun.

Jonathan: I surround myself with inspirational people who are excited about what they do and have fun doing it. I aim to have one good laugh a day. That’s how I keep healthy :)

Drew: Yep, half the fun is getting there. We work very hard to achieve lofty goals but I also make an effort to make room for life to happen along the way. Those will be the moments that make it all worth it.

What famous figures inspire your designs/career?

We admire entrepreneurs who are brilliant at their own kind of renovation, taking something and making it better—such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Kevin Spacey… They are all innovators.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Drew: I’m inspired by historical spaces like the castles in Scotland – there’s so much character you can integrate into modern design.

Jonathan: We’re inspired by our travels around the world. I love luxury resort design.

What are three things nobody knows about you, but you wish they did?

1. We were performers before we got into real estate and still are [Drew as an actor, Jonathan as an illusionist], so we see ourselves as entertainers who also transform properties.

2. That said, we have years of experience in real estate, design, and construction. We flipped our first house in our late teens and grew from there. So we don’t just play renovators on TV—we know this stuff inside out.

3. The sibling rivalry isn’t an act. We’ve always been competitive and kid each other mercilessly. But we’re also each other’s best ally.


What is your favourite app on your smartphone?

(See above re Crestron app)


As you are appearing on Valentine’s Day… Valentine’s Day is coming! 

For our male readers looking for last minute gift ideas and ways to impress a sweetheart or a special woman in their life, do you have any advice on what they could do?

Drew: Experiences are worth more than any present. It’s something you both can share and enjoy. Last year, we went to the farmers market, picked up a bunch of fresh ingredients and cooked up a big breakfast for dinner.

Jonathan: I always love doing fun and spontaneous things. I pay close attention to small details and incorporate those into something interactive like a scavenger hunt :)

Who would your ideal Valentine’s Day date be? 

Jonathan: Someone who appreciates spontaneity and laughter.

Drew: My girlfriend :)

And if that wasn’t enough follow their fun love of life on

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Facebook: The Scott Brothers

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Special thanks to Toronto Home Shows, Show Manager Tina Holmes a.k.a. @TinaLovesPinot, for sitting down with the celebrity twins  and getting the dirt!

Join Jonathan and Drew Scott on February 14th at 1 pm with ‘A Lesson in Style: Making Every Penny Count”

Don’t miss this fun and inspiring lecture where real estate experts Jonathan and Drew Scott share industry tricks about how to transform your house into a dream home. You’ll learn tips that will save your budget and see hilarious  videos that showcase the brothers’ sense of humor. This is an event you will definitely want to attend!


After the stage appearance, Jonathan and Drew Scott will be hosting an autograph session.


The GTA Home and Reno Show takes over the International Centre February 13 – 16, 2015

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