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Hearing strange noises in your home? Are you you seeing objects appear in places you don’t remember seeing them in? There could be paranormal activity in your home. Yes. That’s right. You think it can’t be and there must be some other explanation, right? Well, we asked Paranormal Investigator Glenn Laycock, Co Founder of COPi – Central Ontario Paranormal Investigations to give us some insight into the paranormal world and what he and his team does. Intrigued? Well, at the Fall Home Show, Glenn and his team will be hosting a Ghost Walk at the Horse Palace, at Exhibition Place, which has a long history of hauntings. Space is limited. Watch our YouTube video at the end of this post for more.

What does a Paranormal Investigator do?

Glenn Laycock, Co Founder of COPi – Central Ontario Paranormal Investigations:
I would say they try to find answers.
People and homeowners will contact us and many times they will say ,“Please tell me I’m not crazy”.
We go in with an open mind and try to find a practical cause for their experiences and try to “debunk” things that might be thought of as paranormal or a haunting. In the end, it’s the results that we find that CAN’T be debunked that are interesting.
We don’t go in to a case and say, “I have a feeling” or “I’m picking up on a certain person”. We go in with tech and try to capture hard evidence of what people are experiencing.

Can you tell me about three tools you use while investigating?

Glenn: Three common tools we use are a K2 EMF detector. This helps us pick up on any changes to the electromagnetic field around us
A camera is a major tool. IR (infrared) or full spectrum is great. And a personal digital recorder.
There are many times when you can do an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session and not hear anything, but when you play it back your recorder will pick up voices or responses.

What do your friends/family think about you being a paranormal investigator?

Glenn: Some think it’s interesting. Some think it’s silly, and that’s fine. I respect their opinions and don’t take it personally.
I have some friends who have very strong religious beliefs who have contacted me and are convinced that I am going to hell for what I am doing. I don’t take offence at this. This is based on their belief system and they are only saying this out of their concern for me.

How did you become interested in the paranormal?

Glenn: I became interested in the paranormal after I purchased a home that was very ‘active’ and I began documenting our experiences.

Is there a memorable paranormal event you experienced?,

Glenn: I would say seeing a full body apparition of a woman. That was a shock and of course I didn’t have my camera ready!

What do you tell people who believe they have activity in their homes?

Glenn: We tell them that we are there to help. Most people will keep experiences to themselves because they are afraid of being ridiculed. I know what that is like first hand. I also know what it is like not knowing who to ask for advice.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Glenn: Now that’s a good question! I’m trying to find the answer to that. I am a skeptic, but I know I have experienced and documented things that I cannot explain.

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