5 Holiday Baking Recipes to Try

Here’s 5 holiday recipes you’ll want to try at an upcoming party or gathering. Whip up a batch of something sweet to share with those you care most about!

5 Holiday Baking Recipes

Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread - Holiday Recipes
This Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread is irresistible. It’s simple flavour is done with a chocolate hazelnut spread. It’s super easy, and great for desserts, or a spread of holiday sweets.

Beernog - Holiday Recipes
Eggnog is much better with beer. It is amazing how the beer cuts through the heavy & sweet taste to add just enough bitterness. The better quality eggnog, the better the beernog!

Cupcake Christmas Tree - Holiday Recipes
Gingerbread houses are always beautiful but the problem is they don’t always get eaten. Next time you’re entertaining a crowd try making a cupcake christmas tree, it’s simple and very easy to eat! The fun part is as the night goes on you can get guests to add more cupcakes to the tree!

DIY Hot Chocolate Bar - Holiday Recipes
After a long day of snow play, skating, skiing, or any other winter activity the classic go to is hot chocolate! Try something new by making your very own hot chocolate bar. It’s easy and you can adjust it to match exactly what you like!

Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread Cookies - Holiday Recipes
These cranberry pecan shortbread cookies are simple with only a few ingredients. If you don’t like cranberries or pecans, you can swap with your favourite cookie fillers, whether it’s chocolate chips, pistachios, or candy cane bits!

Grab your mixing bowls, spoons, and ingredients and get to work! We hope these 5 holiday baking recipes helped you to be inspired this year. Feel free to share your favourite holiday recipes with us too.

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