4 Easy Ways to Test Your DIY Skills with Chris Palmer

Doing it yourself is easy to say, but how many times have you started your DIY project and the project has become quite daunting and not as simple as it once seemed. Why not test your DIY skills to make sure you’re ready for your next home project. That’s where Handyman Chris Palmer is super helpful!

We got the chance to visit Chris’s home and get a sneak peek at his ongoing dream wood working shop. He took a few moments out of his busy day to give us some timeless tips for anyone looking to start DIYing. If you are looking to learn more be sure to visit Chris Palmer’s Youtube Channel, he’s always sharing great tips and is eager to help you get your little reno projects done right!

1. Trim Tips!
Not sure how to finish you trim off beautifully? Chris shares how to make the perfect cuts that leave you with an awesome final product!

2. Table Saw Safety
Not everyone has this as a tool in their workshop, but it can help, just make sure you know the basic safety tips before attempting to use one.

3. Tape Measure, explained!
Math is the best skill any DIYer should have, it really helps with measuring. Chris explains some of the basic measuring techniques in this video. You can also learn more about the tape measure in this blog post about the tape measure.

4. Painting Basics
Painting is one skill everyone thinks is the easiest DIY project, but there are some basic tips to keep in mind before starting, a little prep work goes a very long way!

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