10 Tips to Building an Experiential & Engaging Booth

Whether you are a first time exhibitor or have exhibited at Shows before creating a booth setup that keeps up with the times and is engaging and experiential can be challenging. We have 10 tips to help you build an experiential & engaging booth that will get people more inclined to get inside your booth. Make the most of your face-to-face time with prospects!

1. Figure out a goal.

Before planning anything figure out what your goals are and what results you need to see at the Show to justify the investment—are you looking for sales or brand awareness? From there you can build out an appropriate booth that will help to deliver these goals.

2. Hire someone.

If you’re not the most creative there are agencies that specialize in building displays that will meet your needs. Some agencies to try are: Mosaic, Launch, Diamond… these are just a few of many you could choose to work with.

3. Make the first touch point memorable.

Allow potential customers to get hands on! One of the biggest advantages of exhibiting at our Shows is meeting with potential customers face-to-face. Customers visit the show to learn about new products. In order to learn about these products, the best way is to get hands on and gain a better understanding of exactly how it works and if it is what the buyer wants. You might find some other helpful tips here, in Top 5 Ways to Engage With Consumers.

This booth allows people to get hands on with their product as soon as they step in the booth! Others that just walk by see the moving shelves and slow down to see what it’s all about!

4. Run a promotion or contest.

If it’s possible and works with your company having a show special or contest only available during the show provides attendees with exclusive rates or prizes that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

5. Make your layout as open as possible.

The more walls or obstructions you have to look or walk through the booth the less inclined people will be to take a second look.

6. Keep tidy.

Once your booth is built, keeping it clean can go a long way! Attendees don’t care much for seeing boxes, garbage or water bottles

7. Have something flashy to catch the eye.

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or expensive. Simple tactics like a screen with a rotating tip video, or a spinning wheel, or a spotlight on the featured product. These are all small things you can do that get people excited about what you are doing at the show.

This booth was selling ovens, and actually demonstrated cooking in the oven. People were enticed to learn more because the product was interesting and the smell of the food was irresistible.

8. Be different.

It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have in your booth if it’s the same as what everyone else is doing. The more unique the booth & experience, the more likely people will be interested in what you are selling.

9. Leave a lasting impression.

Building a booth is important, but what will the people visiting the booth be thinking about moments after walking through? Be sure to provide an enjoyable experience that makes the customer feel appreciated as well as a way to get in touch!

This booth educated consumers on how to make cocktails at home. Attendees left with recipe in hand. Some even came back for more than one demonstration because they enjoyed it so much!

10. Measure your leads/sales generated.

The last point and the most important point is to make your investment into the Show a worthwhile one. Figure out your plan on capturing leads/sales & report on how the goal was reached at the event. We’ve also written a post with some insight on measuring success at the Shows you might want to check out.

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